Plenary Lectures

Plenary Lectures

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Plenary Lectures

Opening lecture

Distinguished Prof. Yoon Young Kim
  • Distinguished Prof. Yoon Young Kim
  • Seoul National University (Korea)
  • Exotic anisotropic metamaterials for novel manipulation of elastic waves
  • AbstractBiography

    Elastic waves are critically used for non-destructive evaluations in industrial and medical fields. Because the wave field is multimodal, involving coupled longitudinal and transverse wave modes, manipulating elastic waves for specific new applications is very challenging. Here, we show that elastic waves can be manipulated unprecedentedly if engineered materials of exotic anisotropy, not found in natural materials, are elaborately used. We present the principle to “design” exotic anisotropy for wave manipulation, actual fabrication through single-phase metamaterials, and their unique applications.

    B.S. (1981) and M.S. (1983), Seoul National University. Ph.D. (1989), Stanford University
    Assistant to Distinguished Professor (1991~), Seoul National University
    President (2016), Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers
    President (2018-2020), Asian Society of Struct. Multi. Optimization
    Vice-President (2015~2019), Int. Society of Struct. Multi. Optimization
    Co-Chair (2016), 12th World Congress on Computational Mechanics
    Fellow/Member (2019~), Korean Academy of Science and Technology and Engineering & National Academy of Engineering, Korea
    JSCES (Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science) Grand Prize (2022)
    National Medal of Honor in Science and Technology (2021)
    The Mechanical Engineer of the Year (2019)

Closing lecture

Dr. Berengere Dubrulle
  • Dr. Berengere Dubrulle
  • CNRS (France)
  • Turbulence at the Kolmogorov scale
  • AbstractBiography


    Bérengère Dubrulle is a senior scientist at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and presently Director of the Les Houches Physics School and Editor of JFM Perspectives. She received her PhD in astrophysics in 1990 under the supervision of J-P. Zahn. She is a specialist of turbulence, and its application to astro and geophysical flows using theoretical, numerical or experimental approaches. Her major achievements are about theory of the solar system formation, statistical modelling of large scales and their bifurcations, or mathematical aspects of the small-scale structure, in connection with singularities and intermittency. She was involved in the VKS dynamo experiment and in the SHREK superfluid (quantum) turbulence experiment. She received the CNRS bronze and Silver Medal, the Victor Noury Prize of the French Academy of Sciences, and the Lewis Fry Richardson medal of the European Geophysical Union.