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Required documents and preparation for Foreigners

Updated on October 14, 2022

Notice regarding the suspension of mandatory PCR test within 1 day after entry(10.1(Sat) 0:00AM~)

  • 1Notice regarding the suspension of COVID-19 testing prior to entering Korea for overseas entrants(9.3(Sat) 0:00AM ~)

    • Beginning September 3, 2022, 0:00 AM(Saturday), the requirement for inbound travelers to submit pre-entry inspections(PCRs, RATs) and negative confirmations will be suspended, so please refer to this information if you are entering Korea.

    • However, the duty to conduct the first inspection day after entering the country will remain in force. In this regard, persons entering the country are required to undergo a first-day inspection and to report the results to the relevant health center or the quarantine information pre-entry system(Q-CODE).

  • 2Instructions on how to use the pre-entry quarantine information system Q-code Website

    • Q-CODE system users are not required to submit a health status questionnaire or a special quarantine report (verified by the system)

    ※ Details, including who can use the system and how to use it, are available at

  • 3The mandatory quarantine for an entrant to Korea is lifted on June 8.

    • There is no mandatory quarantine, regardless of your history of vaccination, a type of visa etc. (only those with confirmed infection will be quarantined).

Information on this website is only for reference. Please refer to airlines notices, Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency COVID-19 website, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel Safety website or diplomatic offices website for more information.

  • Korea Disease Control and
  • Prevention Agency COVID-19 Website

Symptomatic Entrants

Classification PCR test Test result Action
Sympto- matic entrants Arrival Hall or Central Quarantine and Quarantine Facility Positive Transfer to one's residence, hospital, or treatment facility
Negative The procedure for the asymptomatic entrants shall be followed by object.
(It shall be considered that the PCR test to be conducted within 1 day after the entry has been completed.)

Asymptomatic Entrants

Classification PCT Test within 1 day after Entry Quarantine Additional Test
Koreans/ Long-stay Foreigners Public Health Center Only those with confirmed infection will be quarantined Recommended RAT on the sixth or seventh day
Short-stay Foreigners Incheon Airport COVID-19 Test Center or Medical Institution
(own expense)
Only those with confirmed infection will be quarantined Recommended RAT on the sixth or seventh day

※ Proof documents for Long-stay Foreigners : (a) Notice of Isolation/Quarantine(or Confirmation of Release from Isolation) issued in Korea and (b) Residence Card(or Overseas Korean Resident Card, Permanent Resident Card, and ID card of a diplomatic mission in Korea)

※ Transportation: You can take public transportation from the airport to your home.

- Holders of a Quarantine Exemption Certificate (Suspension of issuance : September 3, 2022 ~)

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