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Prof. Guowei He

Institute of Mechanics Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

TitleSpace-time energy spectra and dynamic coupling in turbulent flows

Prof. Guowei He
Dr. Guowei He is a professor and the academic director of Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science. He is an elected academician of Chinese Academy of Science and a fellow of America Physical Society. He is the associated editor of APS journal “Phys Rev. Fluids”. His research interests include: turbulence statistical theory and computational modeling, large eddy simulation of turbulence-generated noise and machine learning.
Space-time correlation is a staple method for investigating the dynamic coupling of spatial and temporal scales of motion in turbulent flows. In this lecture, we will introduce our resent work on space-time correlations for turbulent flows and time-accurate large eddy simulation of turbulence-generated noise: the Taylor, Kraichnan-Tennekes and elliptic approximation (EA) models are re-examined in terms of the picture of turbulent passage; the deep resolvent is developed to reproduce space-time energy spectra; the large-eddy simulation for frequency spectra is used to study the noise radiated by turbulent flows around an axisymmetric body of revolution.