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Prof. Henrik Myhre Jensen

Aarhus University (Denmark)

TitlePropagating Instabilities in Solids

Prof. Henrik Myhre Jensen
PhD DTU Propagating Buckles in Undersea Pipelines 1986
Dr. techn. DTU Fracture and Strain Localization in Layered Materials 2000

Professor Aalborg University, Denmark 2003-2007
Professor Aarhus University, Denmark 2007-present
Kink band propagation in fibre composites, buckling-driven delamination of thin films, buckle propagation in undersea pipelines and channelling cracks in layered materials are all examples of propagating instabilities. Although different physics, materials, geometries and loading conditions are involved, similarities in the modelling are addressed and can be utilized for simplifying descriptions of propagation conditions. The simplified approaches utilize the Maxwell conditions assuming path-independence of released energy without the need to study details of the transition front propagating under steady-state conditions.