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Research Prof. François HILD

Université Paris-Saclay (France)

TitleOn the Future of Experimental Mechanics in the Digital World: An Eikological Perspective

Research Prof. François HILD
François HILD is CNRS research professor at the Laboratory of Mechanics Paris-Saclay (LMPS, University Paris-Saclay) where he conducted most of his research. The main goal of Dr. Hild’s work is the prediction of the deformation, degradation and failure of heterogeneous materials and structures with constitutive models that are calibrated and validated with full-field measurements at different scales and various modalities. He received the Hetényi and Lazan awards of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, as well as the CNRS 2017 silver medal for all his work. He is a fellow of the International DIC Society and the Society for Experimental Mechanics.
Quantitative imaging is at the heart of the renewal of experimental mechanics. Through a multitude of modalities and scales, it allows the structural or surface characterization to be enriched by its kinematic expression under mechanical but also multiphysical loadings, in two or three dimensional in situ configurations. It also concerns materials from the finest scales (e.g., SEM, X-ray tomography, optical microscopy) to industrial parts and engineering structures. Kinematic and thermal measurements extracted from these imaging tools may be linked to mechanical models of studied objects by exploiting their synergy, namely, experimental measurements feed models, which in turn allow for the measurement of mechanically significant quantities in a set of images and experimental data. Optimal processing to minimize measurement uncertainties then becomes the guiding principle for designing "the right experiment." The lecture will give an overview of past and current developments in digital image correlation (and all its declinations) to address the afore-mentioned points.